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Dear Customer,

Cables and pipes passing through building partitions are some of the most common causes for the infiltration of water and appearance of unwanted moisture inside construction facilities. Due to freezing and unfreezing cycles water penetrates through the walls and ceilings of construction facilities, and persistent damp builds up inside, which very often adversely affects the building durability and comfort of use. Such leaks into buildings and construction facilities frequently result in electricity, gas and water outages. Leakiness at the passageways for utility lines usually occurs when immediate and ill-considered solutions based on polyurethane foam, putty or mortar have been employed. This necessitates subsequent repair works to remedy the issue, which can prove very costly, difficult or even impossible to perform in a given situation (the existing development and infrastructure).

AQUA-PASS penetration sealing systems ensure a very simple and effective sealing and protection of cables and pipes. Our construction and material solutions have been designed to make the installation process as simple as possible without compromising the tightness and protection of cables and pipelines. Our sealing technology is based on the pressing of rubber with stainless steel fittings.

APW, APW1 and APW3 seal inserts are intended to caulk single and multiconductor lines, ensuring:

• protection,

• durability and tightness,

• simple and quick installation,

• ease of replacement during renovation works,

• expansion/contraction of utility lines in wall openings (due to pressure or temperature changes etc.),

• elimination of heat leakage bridges and sounds of fluid flow.

Closing plugs APWK are intended for temporary or permanent closure of unused apertures in seal inserts.

Closing inserts APWZ are intended for closure of engineering apertures, leaving the possibility of using them in future (blanking off spare apertures).

Seal inserts APW, APW1, APW3 and APWZ can be used directly inside the core drill in concrete as well as inside the protective sleeve (APP sleeve /PVC pipe) fitted in the partition. The research conducted in the lab accredited by PCA (Polish Center for Accreditation) has confirmed the outstanding technical and usage parameters of this product, which ensures gas and water tightness ≥0,5 MPa. The tightness parameters were obtained for APV-type inserts positioned directly in an aperture made in concrete, as well as in a protective sleeve (APP wall sleeve /PVC pipe) fitted in the partition according to our technology.

AQUA-PASS sealing systems can be used in ready-made engineering apertures with protection sleeves (APP wall sleeves/PVC pipes) fitted in prefabrication process (substations, concrete hollow cylinders) and in apertures made using diamond drilling technology.

Closed wall sleeves APP are available with a maximum length of 120 mm, which can be adjusted as needed. In prefabrication process (substations, concrete hollow cylinders), the length of sleeve shall be adjusted to the thickness of the wall, by cutting off individual sections (the minimum length is 60 mm).

Dealing with thicker walls in general construction applications (>120 mm) APP sleeve can be extended with sewage pipes. The outer diameters of APP wall sleeves match socketed sewage pipes which can be used as an extension. The length of the whole system only depends on the length of the pipe used - with a broad range of sizes available on market.

APP-type sleeves closed - with an internal membrane to disassemble later (knock out with a hammer), when passing the cables or lines.

Such a functionality effectively solves the problem of preparation/protection of spare apertures for future use.

The elastomers used to make seals are expandable/contractible in the range of at least 5 mm to guarantee tightness also in case of imprecise core drill and a relatively big tolerance of passing cable/line diameters.

Considerable differences in diameters are especially common with low voltage electrical cables that are made by various manufacturers and very often used in container substations.

Seal inserts APW1-U and APW3-3xU are our flagship solution: one series covers the whole range of diameters of low and medium voltage cables.

AQUA-PASS seals complement the APP sleeve to make the comprehensive system. They are also compatible and may also be used directly in concrete core drills, as well as with commonly used PVC sewage pipes. Using pipes as protective sleeves offers vast possibilities in terms of wall thickness (adjustment - cutting to the length required) and considerably reduces costs of the whole technology, while maintaining impressive system parameters of gas and water tightness.

AQUA-PASS Sp. z o.o.